Total Flooring Solutions


Recycled timber has traditionally had a “difficult” reputation with some building contractors because of inconsistent supply, variable quality, moisture problems and the ever present risk of nails in the timber. James Henry has put in place effective systems to effectively eliminate these downsides and can readily supply a full range of sizes in various species. We deliver consistently uniform, dry, de-nailed and metal detected product which builders can use with confidence.

Recycled flooring

  1. Uplifted T&G floorboards. These boards retain the full character and patina of the original floor and can be enhanced with further sanding and coating.
  2. New T&G flooring manufactured from recycled timbers. These boards retain the nail hole character and many of the previous use features of recycled timber, but have less patina because of being newly machined.
  3. Timber Overlay Floors – these are machined from recycled timber into overlay thicknesses i.e. 12 & 13mm and suitable for laying over existing floors, concrete and particle board.
  4. Parquet in recycled timbers.
  5. Unusual sizes – occasionally we have in stock recycled timber and flooring which is in non-standard sizing (either larger or smaller). This timber is ideal for special projects, semi outdoor rooms, lofts and panelling etc.


  1. Standard ‘six’ inch sizing (133-140mm x 19-20mm)
  2. Standard ‘four’ inch sizing (81-86mm x 19mm) sizes
  3. Overlay sizing (85mm x 12mm or 110mm x 13mm).
  4. We can custom profile recycled timbers to match virtually any samples.
  5. The width measurement is taken across the face of the floorboard, not including the tongue. 


Buying recycled flooring stops large quantities of beautiful centuries old timber being crushed and sent to landfill or used as firewood. Recycled timber floors provide wonderful character and interest, be it to a traditional villa, older home or a new home build, apartment or commercial setting. Recycled floors can be given different sanding treatments to retain the character and patina. Recycled floors provide a timeless quality, they never date and can be constantly refurbished.

We have installed some beautiful recycled timber floors, examples of which can be seen on our residential and commercial portfolio pages.