Total Flooring Solutions


We sell engineered T&G flooring with top layers in American and European hardwoods. This flooring is sourced from manufacturers in Germany, USA and China. We only recommend product where we are satisfied with the quality and with a top-layer thickness which matches conventional T&G flooring. There is a wide choice of species available including American White Oak, European Oak and American Maple.

Sizes & Species

  • Boards are usually 128mm or 189mm wide by 19-21mm thick.
  • Maximum length generally 3.1 metres.


Engineering flooring can provide a modern, clean look. Engineering flooring is very stable and is suitable for laying over heated slabs or floors with underfloor heating or in rooms with extreme heat variations or high sun exposure .Engineered floors are available with top layers in many species, feature grades and finishes. 

Specific recommendations

We normally recommend engineered flooring with 6mm top layers. This depth gives the same sanding life as a traditional T&G floor.

We recommend engineered floors which are directly attached to the flooring substrate as distinct from a floating floor. A directly attached floor, either glued or nailed down will give a firmer feel, be less likely to move and more closely matches a traditional T&G floor.