Recycled Colour Matai – The Boat Shed, Taranaki St Wharf, Wellington

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Recycled Colour Matai, 83mm x 20mm

Builders LT McGuinness were contracted to undertake a renovation of iconic Wellington building The Boat Shed. The floor was largely Matai, with a section of particleboard, dating back to when the building was relocated to its present site.

Our job was to remove the particleboard and install the new floor boards to match the existing Matai floor.

Under the particleboard the substrate timber was seriously out of alignment; a result of the building being relocated to its current site.  We remedied the substrate structure and laid the new flooring.

The floor was finished with three coats of moisture-cured polyurethane, top coat Satin.

The recycled Matai was recovered from a house that was demolished in Korokoro (Lower Hutt) to make way for the re-development of the site. 

Unique Aspects:
The existing floor was Colour Matai, a mixture of Heart and Sap timber.  We were required to supply recycled Matai flooring to match.  We had sufficient Colour Matai in stock.