Flooring Types / French Oak Stave Parquet

Originally used in wine production, and now stunning wooden flooring.

The Oak staves are used to flavour wine. Once used, these staves are often discarded. We have realised the potential in repurposing this beautiful wood and are proud to be able to ensure its journey continues.

Oak stave flooring can be laid in a range of parquet patterns. It is given a light sand followed by a coating of oil. We recommend Rubio Monocoat for its durability and range of colours. The use of recycled French Oak, makes this an unarguably sustainable timber-flooring choice.


  1. There are no standard sizes for parquet flooring. We have completed parquet floors in piece sizes 300mm x 60mm x 12mm, 600mm x 135mm x 19mm.
  2. Parquet can be machined with an aris (bevelled end & sides) on the top face or square edged.


Projects using this Flooring Type