French Oak Stave Parquet

Beginning life as a wild Oak tree planted in France during the 17th Century. This sought-after timber is then sustainably harvested for use in winemaking.

While infusing the wine with it’s exquisite Oak flavours, the Oak is in turn influenced by the characteristics of the wine. Once the wine is ready to bottle, we repurpose this beautiful timber into parquet flooring. The French Oak is engineered with a FSC certified base timber to provide exceptional quality and stability.

James Henry can create a floor that is completely unique to you. Each piece of timber infused with it’s own history, can be laid in a variety of parquet patterns, then finished in a natural oil or stained in a colour of your choice. The result is a floor like no other, a standout feature of your home that will impress for years to come.

Projects using this Flooring Type