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Timber: New T&G wooden flooring manufactured from recycled Heart Matai, 110mm x 13mm.

Details: Our clients had recently purchased this 1930’s home.  The previous owners had completed an extension and had laid a particleboard floor instead of continuing the original Matai floor. We provided two options – Uplift the particleboard and replace with recycled 135mm x 20mm Matai floor boards, or overlay the particleboard with 110mm x 13mm Matai T&G wooden flooring. The overlay option included laying over some of the original Matai flooring, but this meant that we could take the height transition to a doorway, making it less noticeable.  Our clients chose the second option – It was more cost effective, and the new flooring from recycled timber fits together nicely, and provides a clean wipe-down surface (which is great when wiping up after little people).

The result was a Matai floor that looked like it could have been there since the house was built in the 1930’s.

Process: The particleboard and original Matai floor was sanded to remove any previous coatings to ensure good adhesion. The new flooring was glued and secret nailed to the substrate using Selleys Liquid Nails Direct Stick flooring adhesive. The character nail holes were enhanced with black filler and the floor was finished with three coats of moisture-cured polyurethane.