Recycled Heart Rimu - Martinborough

New flooring from recycled Heart Rimu – 135mm x 19mm boards. 

A new home built next to the golf course in Martinborough. Our clients had retired from farming and had kept some old bridge beams. The beams were used to hold up a mezzanine floor, and worked perfectly with the recycled flooring. 

The substrate is concrete. We gave the concrete a skim grind and applied Selleys’ Liquid Nails Vapour Barrier.   

The flooring was glued to the concrete using Selleys Liquid Nails Direct Stick flooring adhesive.

The nail-hole character was enhanced with black filler, to highlight the character features in the floor. The floor was finished with three coats of moisture-cured polyurethane.

Unique Aspects:
Recycled flooring in a new home. It worked brilliantly, and along with the bridge beams provided a homely feel in a lovely new home on a great site.