Timber Salvaging and Recycling

We salvage and recycle timber

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Our expert deconstruction team ensures your timber will enjoy another lifetime of use…

Please get in touch if you would like your timber to have another life time of use.  We will arrange our skilled team to come to your work site and carefully deconstruct the salvagable timber.

We don’t just salvage floorboards.  We salvage roof sarking, weatherboards, framing, floor joists and bearers.

Once your timber has been salvaged it will return to our workshop where it will be remanufactured into floorboards.

Sustainability is the heart of what we do..

Sustainability is one of our core values and the business was set up to avoid large volumes of beautiful centuries old timber being cut up for firewood or being crushed and dumped to landfill. We love knowing that the timber we salvage will not end up in landfill and it goes onto another life.

Salvaged and Recycled Projects