Step Two: Choosing a species

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American White Oak (AWO)

American White Oak (AWO)

AWO is a classic flooring and stair making timber. The timber is available in a range of widths up to 225mm for use as flooring. AWO is a cost effective, strong, hard wearing and stable timber. Colours vary from light yellows through to straw. The timber comes in three grades: Prime, Feature and Rustic. Prime grade has minimal or no knots, Feature grade has modest size and number of knots and Rustic has frequent and larger knot features. AWO is an ideal timber to stain as it takes up the stains particuarly well and the grain is magnificently highlighted.

We also recommend Engineered AWO, 189mm wide x 21mm thick, with a 6mm top layer. This flooring is ideal for laying over heated slabs, or in rooms with extreme heat variations or high sun exposure.

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