10 quiz questions to kick off your week – Scroll to the bottom for the answers

  1. Mt Everest is the highest mountain in the word, but what mountain is the 2nd highest?
  2. What planet is also known as the ‘Morning Star’ or ‘Evening Star’?
  3. What flower currently blooming in NZ is also the national flower of Japan?
  4. Who is the top try scoring Australian Rugby union player of all time?
  5. What is the name of the actor who portrayed the characters Indiana Jones and Han Solo?
  6. Giorgia Meloni became Prime Minister of which country in October 2022?
  7. What is the largest ocean on Earth?
  8. Who is the patron saint of Ireland?
  9. In which year did the Falkland Islands conflict begin.1980, 1982 or 1984?
  10. What area became America’s 50th state on August 21st, 1959?



  1.  K2
  2.  Venus
  3.  Cherry Blossom
  4.  David Campese
  5.  Harrison Ford
  6.  Italy
  7.  The Pacific Ocean
  8.  St. Patrick
  9.  1982
  10.  Hawaii