10 quiz questions to kick off your week – Scroll to the bottom for the answers

  1. Which English TV series had main characters called Edina and Patsy?
  2. What is the largest type of penguin in the world?
  3. What sport do the Green Bay Packers play?
  4. How many of Henry VIII’s wives were called Catherine?
  5. In what decade was the singer Madonna born?
  6. In 1919, which New Zealander was the first person in the world to split the atom?
  7. What is the name of the cowboy toy character in the movie Toy Story?
  8. What country’s Rugby Union team is named the Pumas?
  9. Which two country singers duetted on the 1983 song Islands in the Stream?
  10. What is the currency of Denmark?


  1.  Absolutely Fabulous
  2.  The Emperor penguin
  3.  American Football/Gridiron
  4.  3 – Catherine of Aragon, Catherine Howard and Catherine Parr
  5.  1950s (born in 1958)
  6.  Ernest Rutherford
  7.  Woody
  8.  Argentina
  9.  Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton
  10.  The Krone (they opted out of using the Euro)