10 quiz questions to kick off your week – Scroll to the bottom for the answers

  1. Which U.S. state is known as the Lone Star State?
  2. What singer is famously nicknamed the ‘Material Girl’?
  3. Relating to sunscreen, what does ‘SPF’ stand for?
  4. How many valves does the human heart have?
  5. Which New Zealand singer has released the songs ‘Royals’ and ‘Green Light’?
  6. Which of Shakespeare’s plays is the longest – Macbeth, Othello or Hamlet?
  7. In which sport can you win the Davis Cup?
  8. Name one of the two mammals that lays eggs. Bonus point for naming both.
  9. Adding molasses to refined white sugar creates what other ingredient?
  10. Which American President was assassinated at Ford’s Theatre



  1.  Texas
  2.  Madonna
  3.  Sun Protection Factor
  4.  4
  5.  Lorde
  6.  Hamlet
  7.  Tennis
  8.  Echidna and Platypus
  9.  Brown Sugar
  10. Abraham Lincoln