10 quiz questions to kick off your week – Scroll to the bottom for the answers

  1. NASA’s Curiosity rover landed where in 2012?
  2. Which Greek hero of the Trojan War had only one weak spot – his heel?
  3. This card game is known as ‘Solitaire’ in the US. What’s the UK name for it?
  4. What country is the upcoming Rugby World Cup being held in?
  5. Which author wrote the novel Frankenstein in 1818?
  6. Which part of the body is affected by the condition known as astigmatism?
  7. Pectin is an ingredient in what – jam, cheese or bread?
  8. Sooty Shearwaters are birds better known by what name in NZ?
  9. What would a Sommelier serve you in a restaurant?
  10. Which Central American country’s name translates in English to ‘The Saviour’?


  1.  Mars
  2.  Achilles
  3.  Patience
  4.  France
  5.  Mary Shelley
  6.  The Eyes
  7.  Jam
  8.  Mutton Birds
  9.  Wine
  10. El Salvador