Tasmanian Oak – Seatoun, Wellington

Tasmanian Oak, 85mm x 19mm.
Tasmanian Oak is selection of five to eight Eucalypts timbers mixed together, hence the range of colours from light straw to light tan.  Tasmanian Oak is similar to Victorian Ash, but has a wider range of colour variation.  Tasmanian Oak is also known as Australian Oak.
A modern family home in Seatoun on land originally occupied by the Fort Dorset defence base.
The substrate is concrete. We gave the concrete a skim grind and applied Selleys’ Liquid Nails Vapour Barrier.  The flooring was glued to the concrete using Selleys Liquid Nails Direct Stick flooring adhesive. The floor was finished with water-based polyurethane.
Unique Aspects:
The stairs were also built in Tasmanian Oak to match the floor.