American White Oak, Rustic Grade - Featherston

American White Oak, Rustic Grade, 172mm x 19mm
A new home built on a rural site just out of Featherston.

The substrate is concrete. We gave the concrete a skim grind and applied Selleys’ Liquid Nails Vapour Barrier. The flooring was glued to the concrete using Selleys Liquid Nails Direct Stick flooring adhesive. The knotty features were enhanced with black filler and floor was finished with three coats of moisture-cured polyurethane.

We supplied and installed American White Oak skirting to compliment the floor.

We also manufactured and installed a spiral staircase in American White Oak.

Unique Aspects:
The house was off the grid, with electricity being generated by windmill and stored in a large battery bank. This gave us a couple of challenges when it came to sanding as there wasn’t enough electricity to run our machines. We got there in the end.

The house was huge and the hallway was staggering. Enough room to play hallway cricket with full 11-aside teams.