Westpac Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce Awards.

Written by James Henry on January 9, 2015

Chris Northmore, the co-owner of James Henry was a busy man at the formal evening for the 2014 Westpac Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce Awards on 6 November 2014. On the night James Henry picked up first place awards in three categories: Sustainability, Innovation and Best Emerging Business. As first time entrants, understandably Chris and Linda were very proud of this outcome and felt it was great recognition of what they are trying to achieve with the business. At the ceremony Chris was full of praise for his highly-qualified and dedicated staff - “without which the company would not be the success it is today”.

The Judge’s written comments were:

Category: Best Emerging Business

  • Very, very close.
  • This business has demonstrated well the year on year growth and how this has been achieved. They have faced numerous challenges with the GFC and relocating the business which is difficult for any manufacturing business and have recovered well, increasing both profit and sales as well as maintaining a stable employment base with a focus on training and developing their staff through the numerous apprenticeships they support.

Category: Innovation

  • James Henry’s entry was well thought out, very easy to understand and of a high standard. The owners of this business have obviously put a great deal of thought into process and future plans to ensure a viable business. This business has a well-documented and excellent understanding of financial management which was pleasing to see. Not to nit-pick but this entry would have been elevated with some more detail about HR and staff development. Best of luck for your future success.
  • James Henry’s leadership and staff management appears to be excellent, although we would have liked to see more information on its workplace safety and health activities. With the external coaching we can see a clear strategic path for growth. It has also clearly identified its market and brand attributes. It was one of the few entries that included useful financial details and specific measures of achievement on specific KPIs. James Henry scored very well in all areas apart from the Community Service area. Although the entry was primarily written for the “Best Emerging Business” category, we would like to see it achieve in the Sustainability category.

Category: Sustainability

  • This business is based very much on use of recycled timber, and has additionally taken care to invest in new equipment to enhance the use of this material, manage its supply chain, and dispose of its waste to other users. These are all sound sustainable business practices based on the principle of sustainability. In addition, James Henry supports its own staff to adopt healthy lifestyles through its quit-smoking and personal counselling services, and supports sustainability of the Hutt Valley community by recruiting locally. Although the entry was primarily written for the “Best Emerging Business” category, James Henry’s sustainability characteristics shine through.