Wild vension burger with Harissa Sauce

150 gms roasted red capsicum

30 gms fresh red chillies

25 gms garlic cloves

30 gms coriander – leaves storks and roots

20 gms mint leaves

20 gms parsley leaves

1 Tbl tomato paste

4 Tbl brown sugar

50 mls lemon juice

25 mls lime juice

Salt and black pepper to taste

Put it all in a food processer.


  • A blender (that you might use for a smoothy) will give a different result – not as good – I like it when there are some small pieces as opposed to a puree
  • Sometimes I roast my own capsicum, or when busy use the pre-roasted capsicum in a jar
  • Use fresh ingredients – you can usually get nice coriander at Moore Wilsons and PnS Upper Hutt
  • Double quantity takes about the same amount of time and it keeps in the fridge, actually it’s better after a day or two in the fridge when the flavours have fused
  • Put in half the chillis and taste – some heat is a feature, but too much will ruin it